Summer Sweat

Summer Sweat is the ultimate place for companies to post jobs and people to find jobs. It's too difficult to find a summer job, especially if you're a student with limited time. For that exact reason, I created Summer Sweat. It is currently in active development and is free.

The Yankee Princess

The Yankee Princess is a book that is about a true love hate relationship story between New York Yankee owner Gabe Paul and his daughter, Jennie. It is also the first official biography of his 4-time baseball Hall of Fame Nominee.

Diabolical Toy

"The mediascape has changed. Tried and true methods for marketing books and other entertainment properties no longer yield the same results. As the internet becomes the single most essential way of accessing all sorts of media... books, tv shows, movies, magazines, and news, Diabolical Toy creates new pathways to lead readers to the stories they crave."


iRIT is an iPhone and iPod Touch application. iRIT helps you find out what's going on right now at RIT. Focusing on events and places, iRIT allows the user to browse events and buildings, save favorites, and share events. It is designed to be used by anyone currently on campus or visiting campus now or in the future.

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